Limelight: Mr Booth SG!

Here at Wandering Wonderers, we love surrounding ourselves with people who are overflowing with love and pulsing with passion and energy. After all, the people you surround yourself with contribute to the person that you are. Remember to choose your companions wisely!


If you had attended our first ever #WWConversations, you would have totally spotted the amazing people of Mr Booth SG running the show!

Yes, the very same people who ran Taufik Batisah’s (yes, the TB) wedding Photobooth!

When Atikah first met Diyanah (henceforth affectionately known as Dee), it was so hard to ignore the light and laughter that she brought into the room with her! She was so full of life, love and self-acceptance – the perfect click for Wandering Wonderers!

Atikah, Dee and Juliana

We immediately knew she was the best person to run the photobooth at our first ever #WWConversations , and boy, were we right!

The entire Mr Booth SG team radiated the same energy as Dee. They made everyone felt like they were part of a big family, instead of merely associating with strangers. Just the kind of thing we try to build at Wandering Wonderers!

WWC_52 WWC_75

Of course, that meant people looooooved taking photos at the booth *cough* like Atikah *cough*, but hey, that’s a happy thing!

A group of people who are extremely passionate about providing the wedding couple an extra Oomph and zest on their wedding day, Dee and her team have been a part of so many beautiful unions and significant events (check out their Facebook page!).

It’s truly no wonder why people keep choosing them! With such an amazing group of people working to capture happy moments and smiles of loved ones, and with the latest Photobooth technology – they have a touchscreen Photo Booth (TOUCHSCREEN YOU GUYSS) where you get to customise your backdrop and all the other shebangs – they’re a winning catch.

We decided to snoop around and find out more about Mr Booth from Dee!

Hello Dee! Tell us, how did you start Mr Booth SG?
Lots and lots of research, guts, passion and a “just do it” attitude. When you wanna do something, you just have to do it, if not, that dream would never become a reality

Wow! Love your attitude! So, what is your inspiration behind Mr Booth SG?
Not to be cliche but love, fun and laughter was what really inspired us to embark on our photobooth journey. We had been to many weddings where the guests would attend and leave immediately after eating, also known as the “hit and run”. There are a billion photo booth companies here in Singapore, I guess what sets us apart is, yes it is a business but above all, we put our clients and their needs first, because at the end of the day, we want them and their guests to have a little bit of fun and laughter. There have been occasions where we throw in extras for the bride and groom without any additional cost because we knew it would make their day.

With so much competition and other responsibilities, what drives you to continue doing what you are doing now?
The photobooth industry here in Singapore is pretty saturated, making it highly competitive for Mr Booth. We think competition (apart from passion) is what drives us to continue what we are doing, to be the best at what we do within the industry.

Healthy competition is always good – it keeps you on your toes and makes you constantly improve yourself!

If you’ve been looking for someone to join your family on your special day, then we’d say, Mr Booth SG is your best bet.

Now, we’d really love to have fun with Mr Booth SG again! So all Atikah needs to do is find someone to get married to. Or y’know, we can have another Wandering Wonderers event soon! Perhaps the latter is much easier for now. :P

To get in touch with the good people at Mr Booth, here are a couple of options!

Lots of love, Atikah & Asha

The Asian’s Meatball Spaghetti

First things first!

I got married to my best-est friend ever on the 26th April 2015!

Photo Credits: Shamsydar Ani Photography

Photo Credits: Shamsydar Ani Photography

Photo Credits: Shamsydar Ani Photography

Photo Credits: Shamsydar Ani Photography

Photo Credits: Shamsydar Ani Photography

Photo Credits: Shamsydar Ani Photography

Alhamdulillah! Thank you everyone for your kind du’as and wishes :) I truly appreciate the amount of love and advices given to me.

I am slowly settling down well into my new home, and setting up a new kitchen can be such fun and a headache at the same time. There were days where I just felt like flipping plates and saucers because IT. IS. SERIOUSLY. A. WHOLE. LOT. OF. WORK.

On bad kitchen days,  cooking up familiar comfort food can turn your day around aka KEEP. THIS. SOUL. SANE. GOD.

Suddenly, you have hope and can see the light of tomorrow (okay, that’s a tad dramatic, but you get it.)

I always found so much comfort in meatball spaghetti. I mean, those oozing juicy meatballs when you have that first bite, twisting your fork to get as much pasta as possible and trying to stuff the whole load in your mouth. That crunch of the celery and carrots. The aroma of the herbs and the cheese. Omg. How can we forget the parmesan cheese.


So there’s countless meatball recipes on the Internet. Some like theirs with wine, egg, vinegar. Some people have even shared with me that they add chilli paste and filé powder! The modifications are endless!

Here’s my take of the comfort meatball spaghetti. It never fails makes me feel better after a hard day. Always with an Asian twist ;)

Recipe: The Asian’s Meatball Spaghetti

Serves (4-6)


Ingredients A (to blend)
1 medium onion
3 cloves of garlic
2-4 cili padi or bird’s eye chilli * (More if you like it spicier)
1/2 a red chilli
30-50 cherry tomatoes (leave about 5-6 for later)
2-3 cups of water

Ingredients B

  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil (not virgin olive oil! You can’t cook with virgin olive oil)
  • 1 tablespoon of salted butter (I use SCS butter)
  • 1 pack of ready made pasta (or you can make them. I use San Remo’s)
  • 2 cans of tomato puree ( I use Ayam Brand’s)
  • 1 pack of ready made meatballs (or you can make them)
  • 2 stalks of celery (chopped finely)
  • 1 carrot (diced finely)
  • 1 stalk of Rosemary (lightly crushed for the aroma)
  • 1  1/3 tablespoons of grated gula melaka or brown sugar (This is da bomb, people!)

Season with:
Mixed Herbs
Crush Black Pepper
Sea Salt
Parmesan Cheese


1) Blend Ingredients A till a nice consistency. I like mine not too thick or too runny.

2) Heat pot. Pour olive oil. Pour butter. Pour blended ingredients. Cook until texture is slightly crisp and you can smell the aroma.

3) Pour in thawed meatballs. Cook under medium heat, stirring often.

4) Pour in two cans of tomato puree. Add more water if you feel its too thick for your liking.

5) Once it starts bubbling a little, add in diced celeries and carrots. Switch to small flame and stir occasionally to prevent burning at the bottom.

6) Add in rosemary, grated gula melaka/brown sugar and the remaining cherry tomatoes. Adding gula melaka will make your sauce rich and just so so good.

7) Taste it first. Then season it with black pepper, salt and mix herbs to your liking. You may also add more gula melaka/brown sugar at this point if you like it slightly more sweeter. 

8) Boil pasta in a separate pot. Nope. You don’t need oil or salt. Just boiling water. But do remember to never ever drain your pasta because you’ll need the starch water for perfect pasta. Once ready, pick up your pasta straight from the pot and just toss it a little bit to get rid of excess water and serve it straight on your plate.

9) Pour your sauce and meatballs. Add a dash of mixed herbs and cheese, and enjoy!

Bon Appetit!

Tag us your meatball spaghetti photos on Instagram with #wanderingwonderers and let us know what’s your go-to comfort food when you’re having a bad kitchen day. We’d love to hear from you!

Love and Laughter,


Food Adventures: Cooking with Sunnah

When Mizah first approached Wandering Wonderers with an opportunity to learn more about cooking in Sunnah, I just knew I had to find out more.

What was cooking with Sunnah? What are Sunnah ingredients?

Is it any different to the normal halal ingredients we use in our cooking? I was clearly curious and wasn’t really sure what to expect.  All I knew was we would be getting down and dirty cookin’ in the kitchen, which I really wouldn’t mind.

Over at Heiraz Baking Academy, I was warmly welcomed by Rozi and Mizah, the power duo who were the organizers of the event. All the participantswere then ushered to an elegantly set-up table. Just look at the hydrangeas! I obviously was stealing ideas to implement it at home!

Proper Table Setting

Learning proper table setting.

We were a small group of eight, which i truly appreciated because that made it more personal and less daunting. I didn’t want to like compete with a master chef or anything – no, it’s not a competition, but you get what I mean.

So much was shared at the class – most of which I did not even think to question before!

What is Sunnah Food?

If you look at the diet of the Prophet (pbuh) in the Shama’il Imam At- Tirmidhi, it says that he used to eat dates. He liked pumpkin, cucumber, grapes which came from Ta’if and he also liked melons. The Arabs would also bring dried fruits from Syria such as apricots, but they were expensive and thus only affordable for the well-to-do – Shaykh Hamzah Yusuf

Sunnah food are basically food that our beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) loved and practiced to include in his daily meals. The food he loved are highly beneficial to a person’s health and most have been scentifically proven to have a positive impact to a person’s well-being when consumed consistently.

What are some of the Sunnah Ingredients?

There are many readings and articles on Sunnah Ingredients that you may find from reliable sources. During the event, we used watermelon, shoulder of lamb, habbatus-sauda (Nigella Sativa) , pumpkins and medjool dates to create a three course meal.

Sunnah Ingredient: Watermelon

Dessert: Watermelon Cake (made well ahead as it needs time to set and freeze)

Getting the skin off neatly was such a challenge, but we did it!

Getting the skin off neatly was such a challenge, but we did it!

Now comes the icing!

Now comes the icing

Final produt of our watermelon 'cake' Easy peasy yet so pretty!

Final produt of our watermelon ‘cake’ Easy peasy yet so pretty!

Sunnah Ingredient: Shoulder of Lamb, Habbatus Sauda (Nigella Sativa)

 Main Course: Roasted Shoulder of Lamb with Herbs

And oh! How I was pleasantly surprised! I never knew that we could use Habbatus Sauda in our cooking.

And oh! How I was pleasantly surprised! I never knew that we could use Habbatus Sauda in our cooking. And yes, we had non-muslims who joined the cooking session too :)

Process of marinating our lamb shoulders with our chosen herbs. I chose german spices, habbatus sauda and of course, lots of birds eye chilli!

Process of marinating our lamb shoulders with our chosen herbs. I chose german spices, habbatus sauda and of course, lots of birds eye chilli!

Absolutely picked up alot of tips from Rozi and Miza to perfect my roasting skills. I loved how it tasted!

Absolutely picked up alot of tips from Rozi and Miza to perfect my roasting skills. I loved how my lamb tasted!

Sunnah Ingredient: Pumpkin

Soup Starter: Pumpkin Soup

Dicing up our pumpkins and potatoes!

Dicing up our pumpkins and potatoes!

Allowing our soup to boil and thicken.

Allowing our soup to boil and thicken.

Pumpkin and Potato Chowder

Pumpkin soup

Sunnah Ingredient: Medjool Dates

Drink: Medjool Dates Shake

Soo much goodness!

Soo much goodness!

This makes such a great filling breakfast or post work out drink!

This makes such a great filling breakfast or post work out drink!

I truly had an enjoyable experience and of course I could not miss the opportunity to have a chat with the inspiring ladies behind this wonderful event!

How did #FLOevents started?

FLO – Feminine, Lifestyle, Obedience – started with three women, Rozi Faith + Noraini Yeo + Miza Azmee, who are bounded by friendship and their pursuit to deepen their individual spiritual connection to Allah swt. Rozi has been in the islamic events scene in Sg and Malaysia the past three years, and together with Miza and Noraini, we are passionate about connecting with other Muslim sisters.

Why cookingwithsunnah? What inspired the idea?

Both of us are avid travelers and cooking enthusiasts! We’re inspired by the different ingredient ideas + recipes we’ve collected from the different communities we’ve visited. Rozi, on her corporate / business trips, has visited Moscow and Tatarstan and has cooked with the community while working there. Her recent experience at a permaculture village that cooks only halal and toyyib food was the most meaningful overseas cooking stint as she felt Quran coming to life throughout the week there. Miza, who travels on the job, makes it a point to try out local fare in each city she visits, and has attended cooking classes in places as varied as New York City and the Greek islands. Her frequent travels has also given her a nuanced understanding of cross-cultural and fusion food preparation and dining protocol. Both Rozi and Miza make an excellent duo because Rozi keenly explores and has knowledge on sunnah foods (eating guidelines based on our beloved prophet Muhammad’s recommendations), while Miza is interested in experimenting with different cooking styles as well as incorporating healthy dining into everyday life. Moving forward, we have plans to invite asatizah to elaborate on the sunnah aspects, as well as dive deeper into other culinary cultures and how they jive with sunnah cooking & dining, for example Japanese, Korean, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean.

Who or what is your inspiration that keeps you going when things get rough?

Rozi: Apart from my supportive family, I am blessed to know a lot of sisters who have gone through a lot of challenges in life. Sisters who are struggling out there truly inspires me. Several of them happen to also remind me of the women around Prohet Muhammad saw. They suffer in silence not because they cannot fight back but because they know that it is their jihad to attain that closeness to Allah. They do whatever it takes; be extra entrepreneurial, have more than one job, give up their job, combat with their chronic illness alone ~ all with sabr (that is more than patience); just to be on that path that is blessed by Allah, insyaAllah. I still complain when things get rough, and I get extremely upset sometimes. But these sisters remind me that Allah has given other women even greater challenges. What is mine compared to theirs? My late grandfather is also my inspiration. He is legendary. His sacrifices and love are indescribable.

Miza: My mother. My family has been highly supportive of my efforts in this sunnah cooking & dining etiquette topic. Food is a passion I learnt from my mother, who is an excellent cook. She has always taught me an awareness of what went into my diet AND knowledge on how to best consume our food according to the sunnah, for example taking three separate sips from a cup instead of gulping everything down at once, not blowing into a hot drink to cool it down, and not mixing seafood with poultry meat. The credits to the watermelon cake with fresh piped cream (one of the four recipes shared in our inaugural sunnah cooking class), for example, goes to my mom. The Internet has 1,000 different ways to make the watermelon cake, but to me my mom’s version is the best because she found a substitute ingredient that can easily be found locally, and that reduced the cooking by at least 3 steps. Both of us feel that it is important to spread knowledge + to create a dialogue on sunnah food and dining to the people around us. Plus, sunnah eating is an incredibly healthy habit too ! Win-win !

If you were a spice or a herb, what will you be and why?

Rozi: I would love to be honey actually. Honey has a lot of healing properties that it is almost magical. I cannot help but marvel at this particular creation by Allah swt. But if you insist that I be a spice or herb, I would like to be Ginseng. I can be bitter but I am good for you.

Miza: Can i be a leaf instead ? I’d like to be an arugula (rocket leaf), please ! The rocket, a salad staple, looks pretty tepid, but it’s a tiny powerhouse of vitamins (especially vitamins K, C and A) + minerals (copper, iron, etc). It is good for bone health, reduces inflammation, promotes detoxification, and helps prevent cognitive decline — who would’ve guessed this sedentary little leaf is so awesome ? Plus it makes salad (something I normally find boring) much tastier with rocket added.

FLOevents inspires to…

Our intention is to learn and share the ways in which observant Muslim women are able to be at ease and peace within the modern world without compromising the sacredness of Islam. We all recognise that this is a constant, ever-deepening, rollercoaster of a ride (just like how our iman ebbs and flows). There is so much dialogue on what a Muslim woman is and should be both from the opposite gender–men–and in today’s media, and thus we hope that FLO will be a channel through which Muslim women are able to articulate the truth. Too much have been discussed, too many ideas, ideals, challenges and complaints have been aired. What we hope to be is the medium between seekers of truth and trusted scholars. Trusted scholars have studied the issues we face deeply. Guided by the Quran and Hadith, and coupled with the appreciation of writings by respected ulama, they have all the answers. FLO hopes to be that medium to share truth.

How can we learn more about future programmes?

You can find our programmes in We are still taking time and enjoying the process of setting things up. We ask Allah to guide us and we do not intend to rush. We’ll be setting up a Facebook page on FLO in 2015 insyaAllah !We also have an upcoming Japanese cooking & dining, sunnah-style, coming up this February/March 2015. Miza loves Japanese culture, and Rozi’s husband is part-Japanese, so it’s something we’re both highly invested in for personal reasons hehe. The event posters for our other events like events management by Rozi, as well as etiquette and grooming workshops by Noraini, will be out soon, inshaAllah !

Thank you Mizah & Rozi for the gastronomically amazing opportunity! Here’s to more food adventures, InshaaAllah!

Love & Laughter,


WWConversations: The Maiden Voyage


“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” – Rumi

On the 8th of November, beside the flea market (see previous post), we had our maiden intimate WWConversations series with a group of beautiful souls.


The first WWConversation was all about what we’re passionate about – travel and positive empowerment.




It was cozy, relaxed and intimate (though we bet a bit of air-conditioning would have helped!) as we shared more about our experiences and tips on how make the best of our travels. We discussed how to uncover deeper aspects of ourselves, shed fear and limitations, and many more.






We understand the importance of having a support system that is nonjudgmental and fair, so we were really glad we kept the group small!





We even had a live packing tutorial – how to travel in style, with just a backpack! Oh man, now we truly miss backpacking!



We had an amazing spread of goodies for the WWConversations participants – sponsored by the good people of Dainty Candy and Shubby Sweets Parlour!








At the end of it all, we were really glad that everything came together beautifully, with an abundance of joy, laughter and love. We gained so much from the entire experience: new friendships, more insights in travel and the human condition, and a whole lot of positive vibes.

We hope all our participants gained something meaningful from the time spent together. We know we sure did!

Perhaps, it is true after all – we don’t need a perfect life, all we need is to be happy with what we’re giving back to the world.


To many more grand adventures ahead!

Credits: All pictures taken of the event and used in this post were taken by a dear old friend, Sufiana(you may email her at for any enquiries about event photography!). Thank you, love!


WW Flea Market

On the 8th of November 2014, we had our very first WW Conversations – a leap of faith, if you’d ask us. Or a crazy gamble, however you’d like to see it.


What started out with the intention of building a family – a community of like-minded people who are passionate about living their best lives, culminated into a beautiful day of two concurrent events: a flea market and our inaugural WWConversations.


We had a flea market where 21 (yup, twenty-one!) Instagram/online business owners set up stalls selling a wide range of products – from bakes, to crafts, to clothes, to beauty services!




We had such an overwhelming response, there were several times we got concerned if the space could accommodate to everyone!
Lesson learnt: Get a bigger space for the next event! 




Despite the logistical constraints, we felt so heartened going around and seeing the interaction amongst people – all the smiles, laughter and trade happening in one space felt unreal!










Plus we couldn’t really save our wallets from damage that day. Any effort to practice self-control was terribly futile. :P

I mean, c’mon, look at the things on sale!







Now, a couple of months after, it’s still pretty unbelievable that the event came together the way it did. We couldn’t have been any happier or humbled by the support and faith from so many dear souls.

Special shout out to the WW Family!



We are so glad we met each and every single business owner before the event. <3

Name of Company Instagram/Website
1 Add to Cart @addto.cart
2 Cloud 9 Studio @cloud9studio
3 Nuegee Collections @nuegee_collections
4 Nushee Nurra @nusheenurra
5 Princess Manjahan @princessmanjahan
6 Syhalista @syhalista
7 SQEEN Collections @sqeen_collections
8 Style by Mono @stylebymono
9 Cream 180 @cream180
10 Hearts Desire @heartsdesiredawg
11 Hipster Bakes @hipsterbakes
12 Pretty Awkward Pastry @prettyawkwardpastry
13 Beaute Facial Treatment Singapore @veewee2
14 Living Beauty @sharon_pow
15 Sarah’s Henna Art @sarahhennaart
16 Vibrant Skin Sanctuary @SimplyLina
17 The SPINK Studio* @thespinkstudio
18 Mr Booth*
19 Cak Cak Kutti @cakcakkuti
20 Pink Peony Party @pinkpeonypartysg
21 Sweet Little Garden @sweetlittlegarden


We are definitely looking forward to gathering everyone together very soon for another event! To our pleasant surprise, the event was covered by Berita Harian as well as Gaya Magazine!

Thanks Mochi for being such a great model. :P

Thank you to one of our dearest friends, Juliana, for including us in Gaya’s December issue! If you’ve not joined the Gaya bandwagon – what are you waiting for?

Credits: All pictures taken of the event and used in this post were taken by a dear old friend, Sufiana (you may email her at for any enquiries about event photography!). Thank you, love!


We are alive and kickin’!

Did you miss us?


We sure missed us.

We know it’s been a little quiet around here. We’re currently transitioning into different phases of our lives and, well, let’s say it has been quite a ride.

As we take on the day-to-day challenges and learn to manage different demands and people, a voice at the back of our heads keeps reminding us of greater things – our hopes, dreams and aspirations.

And of Wandering Wonderers.

Ah, it’s easy to get caught up with the little things and forget what truly matters, isn’t it?

We’re down but we’re definitely not out.

We have something up our sleeves? :)


What’s next?

So our very first WWConversations came together beautifully last Saturday, and we cannot be more humbled by all the support, kind words, compliments and constructive feedback we have received!

Berita Harian Singapore did a wonderful coverage of the event, and oh boy, never did we once think we would ever make it to the Ekoniaga (Business) section of a newspaper!

We have so many people we would like to thank, especially our main sponsors: Mr Booth & The SPINK Studio. Our WW crew, all participants, entrepreneurs and customers who came on that day as well. We promise we’ll be back with a proper update on the event! :D What we’re really excited for now is our next event (and a personal favourite!) which will be happening on 22-23 November!

R4B 2014

What is this about?

RainbowsforBatam is a self-initiated project executed by individuals with lots of love to give and lots of willingness to learn, unlearn and relearn.

Like previous trips, this year we will be visiting Nujumul Huda Children Home/Orphanage with the intention to build ukhuwwah (relationships) with the children and guardians, to learn from these beautiful souls and to share the few things that we know and have with them.

To view previous trips, click here or visit

This year we will be taking RainbowsforBatam a step further by collaborating with them to revamp two of the children’s bedrooms!

So where do I come in?

This project involves painting of the rooms and coming up with decorations such as wall frames, hanging pom-poms and even storage boxes on the first day, and a fun interactive day filled with games on the second day.

If you love interacting with children, would seize any opportunity to do go and give back to the world, get to know other like-minded souls and reconnect with the things that truly matter, then this is the chance for you to join us!

What do I need to know as a volunteer?

1) Event details
Date: 22-23 November 2014
Venue: Panti Asuhan Nujumul Huda  

2) What will be provided?
A return ferry ticket, a one-night stay in a twin-sharing hotel room, breakfast and lunch for both days, local transportation and project materials.
Dinner, personal expenses and travel insurance are not included.

3) What is the fee? Y
ou only need to pay $150 to be a part of this project!

4) Can I choose to stay only one day or request to go back to Singapore early?
Unfortunately, due to logistical constraints, we will not be able to accommodate to special requests for early departure back to Singapore. Volunteers will have to stay for the whole two days to ensure the smooth execution of the project.

5) Is there an age limit?
Due to the demands of this project, only volunteers between the age of 18 and 35 years old are requested to take part. Children below the age of 13 are seriously discouraged to attend due to safety concerns.

6) Besides the room revamp and the interaction session with the orphans, is there anything else that will be done?
YES! We will be doing a donation drive for used laptops.

The children increasingly require computers and Internet to do their schoolwork, and the staff has expressed safety concerns over the frequency of the children’s visits to the Internet café. These visits are usually unsupervised and run into the evening, as the home is understaffed and do not have the facilities to match their schoolwork needs.

We will also be running a donation drive to collect monetary donations for the home. This is to aid us in purchasing mattresses and fans for the children.

For a more detailed donations wishlist, click HERE.

If you’d love to come on board, hey we’d love to have you join us!

Click HERE to register. Registration will be open up till Wednesday, 19 November 2014, 12pm.

Registration form link

Lots of love,
Atikah & Asha